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You may be wondering what termites are because they are rare. Find termites in places you rarely go. Did you know that termites live in colonies? Their appearance is whitish and their body parts are segmented. Their mouthparts are very strong and easy to bite and chew. They usually cause property damage. Arrow Facilities Management provides you with the best and most effective termite control solutions. We have many years of experience and sufficient expertise to provide you with all the necessary information on how to effectively deal with these insects.

How do you know if you have a termite infestation?

When you least expect it, you will be harmed by termites. Termites have been eating. They feed on dead trees and plants, which is why wood is one of their main foods. They also feed on paper, plasterboard, and plastic. Some signs that can help you know that your house or office has been infested by termites include:

  1. Flocks of insects or flocks of discarded wings. – Termites are usually the first sign you will see. When flying, they discard and leave leaves.
  2. Holes on wooden surfaces- They eat wood from the inside out. They like dark and humid environments. If you hit the wood and it sounds hollow from the inside, it may be due to termite infestation.
  3. The wall clicks-usually because termites hit their heads on the door when they feel danger.
  4. Mud pipes near or around the house. Mud pipes are usually wet and consist of termite dung and soil.

How do we get rid of termites?

Termite inspection – We conduct inspections, which will help us understand the correct treatment. We obtain other information about the nature of the problem from the inspection so that we can provide a complete report. We don’t guess, we use facts to get solutions.

Treatment -This treatment will strengthen and seal all pests. Use an effective method, which depends on the nature of the problem reported by the inspection.

Report and follow up –We are committed to ensuring that you understand our work and best practices in pest control, so we will follow up and provide reports to help you understand how to implement progressive practices.

What’s the cost of our Termite Control Services in Nairobi?

Our Flexible Price Plans for 1-time Services on Termite control services. Also see our Bed bugs eradication services in Nairobi

Property Premium ServicesPrice(KES)
Bedsitter                                       4,000.00
Single Room                                       4,000.00
Servant Quaters                                       4,000.00
Property Premium Services Price(KES)
1 Bedroom                                       9,500.00
2 Bedroom                                     12,600.00
3 Bedroom                                     15,000.00
4 Bedroom                                     19,000.00
5 Bedroom                                     22,000.00
Survey                                           950.00