Washroom Management Services

Washroom Management

Washroom Management Services

At AFM we make sure your washrooms/ Toilets always look clean, smell fresh and stay hygienic, our with washroom management solutions that keep track of your unique needs, from everyday essentials like toilet tissue, air fresheners, crème soap, feminine hygiene bins and hand towels to luxury items like hand lotion, room sprays, and toilet seat sanitizers.

Washroom facilities are vitally important in all premises. We will help you maintain and present the best facilities through our range of complete washroom services and hygienic solutions. Through our unique approach, we ensure your washroom is hygienic, healthy, and running smoothly. We pride ourselves on delivering the best-in-class service that is right for you. Our team of hygiene experts will advise you on the most intelligent hygiene solutions in Kenya for you and the users of your washroom.

No matter your size, or requirements, Arrow FM has the market-leading complete washroom solutions and skilled staff to meet your needs.

Our Complete Washroom & Hygiene Services include:

Air Care – If you want your business or Office to be giving both staff and visitors to your premises the right impression, then you should be taking air care seriously. Arrow FM provides advanced anti-microbial AirCare solutions incorporating fragrance and odor eliminating technologies as this is an essential washroom services.

Washroom Sanitation Services – It is important to keep your washrooms clean and hygienic. Arrow FM’s of sanitizers are specifically designed to make sure your washroom environment remains hygienic for users.
With our consultative approach, Arrow FM works with you to implement solutions that will ensure your washroom delivers efficiency and minimizes the use of scarce resources. Most importantly, we will ensure you do not compromise on providing high-quality washroom facilities.

Paper towel Dispensers – Arrow FM supply and fit a range of stylish paper washroom dispensers to meet the needs of your washroom facilities. It is very important to provide toilet roll in your washrooms.
Our white and black range of paper dispensers are made from extra-durable plastic with fiberglass reinforced teeth and contain an internal brake for smooth dispensing and to prevent toilet paper ending up on the floor. Options include Jumbo and Mini Jumbo toilet dispensers, Twin Roll ‘Auto-Shift’ dispensers, and bulk or multi flat toilet tissue dispensers.
We also provide stainless steel toilet roll washroom dispensers, which are highly durable and stylishly designed to complement the décor of your washroom.
All of our dispensers keep toilet roll clean, dry, and prevents cross-contamination.

Soap & Sanitizing – One of the simplest, yet most important requirements for your premises is the provision of effective hand washing and drying facilities. Washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to remove harmful germs and maintain hygiene standards.
A clean and efficient washroom promotes healthy hand care routines, which in turn minimizes the potential for cross-contamination of germs and reduces the risk of illness amongst staff and visitors to your premises.
People are more likely to use clean and hygienic soap dispensers, and Arrow FM provides professionally managed soap refills, so your dispensers will never be empty. The standard of your washroom says a lot about your organization, so make sure it’s setting a positive image.

Sanitary Bins Management services in NairobiFeminine hygiene is no longer just a case of odor control. Managing feminine hygiene demands much more, like minimizing the spread of germs and producing feminine hygiene unit designs that maximize the limited space available in washroom cubicles. In addition to this, tackling negative stigmas associated with feminine hygiene should be taken seriously by all businesses. With our Washroom Management Services, All females should feel confident to dispose of sanitary waste in a safe and hygienic manner no matter where they are.
Arrow FM provides a range of discreet and stylish washroom hygiene bins and Sani bin units allowing sanitary waste to be disposed of in a safe manner. All our sanitary disposal units include Activap™ helping to kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria; ensuring waste is harmless.

Urinal Care – Unlike a regular toilet, male urinal systems do not contain water at the time of their use. This places great importance on ensuring that your urinal hygiene solution is effective at keeping urinals hygienic and smelling fresh. designed and implemented to the best possible standards.

Full Range supply of Toiletries From everyday essentials like toilet tissue, air fresheners, crème soap, hand towels to luxury items like hand lotion, room sprays, and toilet seat sanitizers.

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