We are Professional


At Arrow Facilities Management, we go above and beyond to ensure that no details are missed in our cleaning services. Our cleaning staff have received extensive training to clean every room in your home or office according to your specific needs and provide the professional cleaning services you expect.
When we pass by your house or office, our professional cleaners will start by covering up the cobwebs in hard-to-reach places, removing dust from every nook and cranny. Then, we will process your ceiling fans, lamps, etc. step by step, from top to bottom. This effective and thorough method can help us collect dust and dirt ensuring that we leave your property spotless.


The Professional Touch

Our trusted team of professionals will meticulously handle all delicate items, from ceilings to shelves, furniture to the rest of the home or office. After ensuring that all your floors, counters, and walls are clean, we will begin a specific room cleaning process, which includes removing harmful allergens, bacteria, and other disease-causing substances.
When you book your cleaning services with us, you can rest assured that your cleaning will include all the final details. From emptying waste paper to finishing linen, we will provide your house or office with a professional and fresh look that will give you confidence.


Individualized room cleaning

The professional cleaning service provided by Arrow FM means that every room in your apartment will receive the quality care it deserves. All our procedures include separate checklists to ensure that no details are missed. Don’t worry we will consider your preferences, whether it is to avoid specific rooms or pay more attention to the details of other rooms.


Learn more about our professional cleaning services:


  • Living room – dust and clean wood and glass surfaces and clean under sofa cushions
  • Bathrooms– Cleaning of washrooms, toilets, baths, and shower rooms and disinfect
  • Bedroom – Dust and clean surfaces, clean under the bed, make the bed, and arrange pillows and stuffed animals.
  • All rooms – We want to make sure that the floors in all rooms are clean, meaning machine scrubbing, vacuuming, and mopping the floor.


The value of our professional cleaning services

If you are to compare the value of professional cleaning services with the service cost of independent providers, our professional cleaning services have great value. We not only provide a completely free cleaning evaluation and consultation, but we also provide a variety of cleaning plans, which we can customize according to your specific needs and budget. You should take full advantage of our worry-free service.