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Hiring someone to clean your home or office can feel like a big decision. After all, you want to hire the best cleaning service in Nairobi. We’ve put together some details about our locally owned professional cleaning services so you can see what makes us the best cleaning service around.

Our clients say we are the best cleaning company in Nairobi

Sure, we can blow our own horns, but we also know there’s a lot more to come from our countless satisfied customers. Here’s what they have to say about why we are the best cleaning service money can buy.

We have insurance!

When you choose a well-known and established cleaning company, you get service you can trust. Each of our steward is fully insured should anything go wrong while we are at your home. This means you can relax at home with Arrow FM Cleaning Services

What else makes us the best house or office cleaning service?
With over 7 years of cleaning experience, Arrow FM Cleaning Services takes the time to learn the best ways to refresh your home. We know we can deliver unmatched results, which is why every cleaning service we perform is backed by our 24-hour guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the room we have cleaned, please let us know within 24 hours and we will come to your door to solve the problem.

It’s just another way we can help you feel safe and let Arrow FM Cleaning Services take care of some of your chores.

Are you ready to use the best cleaning service?

By hiring a cleaning service, you can take the time for others to do the cleaning. By hiring the best cleaning service, you can have peace of mind. Start applying for a free estimate online today or call us at 0714 445566.

What are our cleaning services charges in Kenya?

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