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Gardening and landscaping


At Arrow Facilities Management ltd, We design, deliver, install, and maintain gardens throughout Nairobi and surrounding, working on both residential and large-scale commercial projects. Clients with outdoor living spaces are thrilled with our gardening and landscape design and installation services.
We also receive tremendous praise for our garden maintenance service, stonework, wooden decking, and irrigation installations. Let our talented designers, experienced salespeople, and highly skilled gardeners help you create your own green paradise, indoors or out.

We pride ourselves on our reliability, a friendly approach, and most importantly, our knowledge of the industry. We have years of experience working for numerous commercial and domestic clients.

We know that customer satisfaction is key to business, so we ensure the highest standards of work at a highly competitive and reasonable rate.

Our typical scope of work includes:

Gardening and landscaping services in Nairobi


Outdoor Maintenance – We provide full-service programs for year-round garden maintenance. Our experienced landscaping crew can visit your garden on a weekly, monthly, or on quarterly basis.
Maintenance visits typically include pruning, fertilizing, treating plants for insects or disease, mulching, weeding, and general clean-up.

Indoor plant Maintenance – We also have indoor plant experts on staff to clean and water indoor and office plants on a regularly-scheduled basis.

Lawn mowing service – we provide the most affordable and top-rated professional lawn mowing & lawn care services in Nairobi. Call us today.

Gardening & Landscaping Services – We begin the process with a personalized consultation to determine what the needs of your landscape are and the unique conditions of your site.

Flower Arrangement services – We provide the widest range of local and imported fresh flowers from Roses, Tulips, Lilies, Sunflowers, Orchids, Sympathy Floral Arrangements, Preserved Roses and unique giant bouquets

Remember, all our Gardeners are fully trained, have a current police check, and are fully insured.


Our scope of gardening and landscaping services include

  • Provision of gardening tools, accessories, and machinery
  • Provision of experienced gardening technicians
  • Trimming of hedges in order to maintain a neat and attractive appearance.
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Removal of weeds through the application of a herbicide
  • Removal of deep-rooted weeds on the lawn
  • Edging of the grass along the sidewalk, the driveway, and the gutter
  • Pruning of trees, shrubs, hedges, bushes, vines, and ground cover in order to direct and encourage plant growth in directions desired
  • Remove dead and unsightly growth such as dead tree branches and shrubs.
  • Collection and disposal of debris from, cuttings, grass, leaves, bark, limbs, dead vegetation, paper, and trash from the compounds and outside the compounds including walkways.
  • Application of a pesticide and a follow-up visit after four (4) Weeks.

Landscape Design and Installation

We provide complete landscape design and garden construction services. This means we are a one-stop service; we design, install and maintain gardens to make them look more elegant

The landscape or garden design of Arrow Facilities Services will be innovative, environmentally friendly and user-friendly, sustainable, economical, and practical. We take great care to ensure that your garden is consistent with your house and surroundings. We believe that good communication at every stage of the whole process is the key to designing suitable gardens for our clients.

This is a summary of our garden design service steps

  • According to the nature of the project, listen to the briefing from the client and determine the requirements together with our landscape architect, horticulturist, or agronomist. During the meeting, our staff will provide customers with feasible options.
  • After the meeting, send it to you or meet with you, and propose sketches and written suggestions to outline the style of the garden and attach a list of features to be included in the plan.
  • A plan design will be proposed, which can provide you with various functions and spatial relationships, and then will discuss the cost of the landscaping project based on the complexity of the project, specifications, and detailed drawings.
  • On reaching an agreement, the design drawing and overall plan of the design plan will be produced and displayed accordingly. Consistent with the layout plan, then more detailed information, planting plan, and grading plan will be generated.
  • Then generate a complete list of quantities, quotations and schedules.
  • We agree to the start date and timetable for your construction works.
  • Our skilled landscaping team worked to realize the project to deliver professional work

Garden Maintenance

1) Comprehensive routine gardening services

We can provide you with all the services, including mowing, plant maintenance, seasonal bedding plan and leaf cleaning, so you can relax and enjoy the garden

2) Lawn service

Let us take care of your seasonal lawn. We will provide you with a plan for regular visits to weeds, trimming edges, aerating, repairing, seeding, loosening and mowing the lawn, and provide the right products for your lawn conditions

3) Pruning Hedges,

shrubs and trees need to be trimmed at some point. The lawn needs some light, especially in the case of planting grass, for this reason, the tree canopy needs to be reduced. In our maintenance package, we evaluate your garden and provide you with a schedule for performing these tasks.

Arrow Design and Landscaping Services operates a dedicated ground maintenance team with supervisors and gardeners, and in many cases hires temporary workers according to the set schedule and workload. We provide a dedicated team to maintain the private, Institution or organization garden. Our maintenance team is passionate about plants and gardens. We understand the importance of your garden to you, and why we treat each garden separately and believe that good communication with customers is the key to successful service maintenance.

Garden maintenance involves not only mowing and weeding boundaries; it also involves weeding and weeding. As the garden develops, it is a forward-looking, highly skilled process of nurturing and guiding the garden. We provide services for various places that require a wide range of expertise, experience, gardening knowledge, and equipment use, including private, institutional, or organizational gardens.

Arrow design and landscaping services are in close contact with facility managers to ensure that your site is installed with the highest standards of accuracy. We are proud of being healthy and surpassing the normal standards of the industry And safety

Our expertise in landscaping and garden maintenance can provide quality management for the growth and direction of your flowers, shrubs, trees and grass. We transformed the terrain from rugged, desolate, soil-filled, dense, and debris-filled surfaces into tranquil manicured lawns and gardens. As a result, a beautiful, beautiful, and environmentally responsible beautification environment is provided.

Therefore, it is very important for us to provide you with customized landscape installation and design services according to your preferences and the best conditions in your area. When designing a garden, take into account the topography, topography, soil quality, and wind direction, as well as geographical features such as flora and fauna. We attach great importance to design. We took down the detailed design requirements to be incorporated into your garden and provided one of the kinds of custom gardens you want.

How our gardening and landscaping work

We are passionate about beautiful gardens and are committed to providing you with an extraordinary experience. We do this by providing unique creativity, value for money, and ensuring that our work meets the highest quality standards in the gardening industry. From the excitement during the initial garden landscape design process to the satisfaction of seeing the final project actually installed, we hope you enjoy every minute of experience with us.

Our structure and unique functions allow us to flexibly and confidently handle challenging garden landscape projects of various sizes and styles. Once you decide to let us create the ideal outdoor space, we will form a team that will work in your garden.

It means that from start to finish, you will have a team dedicated to your project. Providing you with the best service is very important to us, and this starts with our design. In order for our experts to provide you with the latest landscaping trends, continuous staff training and development is essential.

Areas we serve

Although our garden landscape services are mainly concentrated in Nairobi County. We offer onsite services ensuring that we can come to where you are

Westlands, Upper Hill, Thika, South C, South B, Runda, Riverside, Red Hills, Parklands, Pangani, Ngara, Nairobi West, Nairobi County, Muthaiga, Lower Kabete, Lavington, Langata, Kitisuru, Kitengela, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Kiambu Road, Kiambu, Karen, Hurlingham, Gigiri, Garden Estate, Embakasi, Donholm, Dennis Pritt, Fedha, Buruburu, Athi River.

Our expertise in landscaping and garden maintenance can provide quality management for the growth and direction of your flowers, shrubs, trees and grass. We transformed the terrain from rough, desolate, piled soil, dense and detrital surfaces into well-manicured lawns and gardens. The result provides a beautiful, beautiful, and environmentally responsible beautification environment.

In order to create a beautiful environment, the process of beautifying the environment or planting plants will vary from region to region. Therefore, it is very important for us to provide you with customized landscape installation and design services according to your preferences and the best conditions in your area. When designing a garden, you should consider geographical features such as topography, topography, soil quality, and wind direction, as well as flora and fauna.

We attach great importance to design. We took down the detailed design requirements to be incorporated into your garden and provided one of the kinds of custom gardens you want. Services include

Regular gardening and Maintenance services

  1. Maintenance
  2. Irrigation
  3. Installation of Waterfalls & Fountains
  4. Interior & Exterior Landscaping; and
  5. Tree Felling & Garden Clean-ups
  6. Regular Garden Maintenance

We provide you with the highest quality affordable garden maintenance. As experts in regular residential and company garden maintenance, we are committed to providing excellent service.
Our regular garden maintenance services include:

  1. Mowing the lawn and trimming the edges;
  2. Weeding and overturning of flower beds;
  3. Sweeping and sweeping of necessary areas;
  4. Removal of service-related garbage;
  5. All dead flowers and withered leaves;
  6. Pruning and trimming of hedges and shrubs.

Installation of Water Features

In a garden, water features are mainly composed of fountains, pools, ponds, small waterfalls, waterfalls, and streams. Modern waterscapes are mainly independent, which means that such waterscapes do not need to be launched every day, but can recover water from ponds or hidden reservoirs.

Nowadays, a garden without water features is incomplete. After a hard day, they can not only beautify the garden but also provide comfort and relieve stress and tension, with a soft sound like tap water. We specialize in waterscape design and installation services. The water feature can be made of any type of material, including stone, granite, stainless steel, resin, or glass. Our water features range from natural rock waterfalls to formal Greek styles. We also provide customized water functions according to your needs, tastes, and preferences.

Complete the detailed waterscape design by combining your valuable comments and suggestions. In order to install water features in the garden, the first task for Garden Consultants is to choose a suitable and convenient location in your garden where water features can be installed. For safety reasons, remember that underground utilities will not be damaged during excavation.

What we should pay attention to when installing waterscape facilities is to choose a place with sufficient water source, because most of the animals and plants used in waterscape facilities need plenty of sunlight. The next step is a very important part of the design. We pay special attention, emphasis, and details to the design because the final product only depends on the water features to be installed and planned before installation.

Our designers and employees are trained, qualified and experienced, and can complete the waterscape design and installation within the specified time, so as to provide you with an ideal garden view.

Interior beautification Nowadays, indoor beautification is becoming more and more popular. Indoor landscaping aims to create a beautiful, charming, pleasant, relaxing, and mainly healthy environment for your home or office. When storing plants in a house or office, you can breathe fresh air. This is why designers include plants when designing shopping malls, offices, houses, hotels, and other public areas. The graceful arch of palm leaves or the exotic atmosphere of orchids will surely attract you. This decoration brings peace, tranquility, and spiritual peace.

We strive to provide you with perfect indoor beautification solutions for almost all types of locations. Our team can create the right atmosphere for you, whether it is your home or company office, it will undoubtedly leave a permanent impression in the eyes of bystanders. In order to beautify the environment, we provide you with the best indoor plants.

Country, because we are committed to providing products and services that only guarantee quality. Our indoor plant professionals will give you a detailed introduction on how to incorporate indoor beautification into any space you want. We always welcome your valuable ideas and suggestions, our professionals will incorporate them into the plan, and therefore provide you with the indoor beautification environment of your choice. The indoor landscaping inside the office can not only add beauty and beauty to the office but also make the air in the office unobstructed, which in turn can improve the health of employees and increase their work efficiency. This is the positive effect of beautifying the environment!

Our skilled and enthusiastic team is committed to all aspects of indoor landscape maintenance, including watering, pruning, fertilizing, pruning, cleaning and pest control activities.

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