Facilities Management

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Facilities Management Services in Nairobi

At Arrow Facilities Management Ltd, we provide a wide range of facilities management services in Nairobi including; common area cleaning service, general building maintenance, pest control services, gardening services and, office cleaning services.

We also provide support services which include; front office support staff, Driver hire services, leave relievers and rider hire services.

Our services can be delivered as a single solution for large organizations with multiple sites, or fully integrated facilities management services, with one point of contact for all your management needs.

Whether you need a standalone service, a bundled offering or a fully integrated facilities management solution. We will deliver the right package according to your specific needs and business objectives.

As the leading facilities management company in Nairobi, we’re sensitive to the needs of our clients by building strong relationships through the quality of our services and customer engagement

Our priority is to gain a real understanding of what you need and what’s important to your organization. This enables us to deliver great customer experience, this doesn’t mean just meeting your expectations, it means exceeding them.

Where appropriate we eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs for our clients, by streamlining processes, introducing multi-skilled teams and continuously improving our service lines by investing in innovation. This gives excellent standards of service, protected assets and exceptional customer experience for you, your employees and visitors, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Phone: 0714 44 55 66
Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 11:00 am – 16:00 pm
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    14:51 26 Oct 20
    I googled them online. They showed up at the top of my google search. On the day of our appointment, we had scheduled maintenance with KPLC in our area. We were not aware though. Arrow facilities were so understanding and patient they waited until it was 5:00pm to finish up the work. I loved the professionalism and the way they kept time. The cleaning was sparkling and i loved it all. I would recommend them for all.
    Charles Njuguna
    Charles Njuguna
    10:52 20 Oct 20
    I have nothing to complain about. They were referred by a friend, and they didn't disappoint. They surely did a good and thorough job, the place is squeaky clean. I highly recommend them. Their professionalism and results were impressive.
    Redmint Cyber
    Redmint Cyber
    14:44 17 Oct 20
    Our office is looking great now thanks Arrow Cleaner. I would definitely recommend their office cleaning services and pest control.
    Levis Ontita
    Levis Ontita
    08:56 16 Oct 20
    Arrow Facilities Management provides prompt, efficient and friendly service and I have only had great experiences in dealing with them. They stick to their word and will accommodate additional requirements where needed. They offer the best residential cleaning services so far.
    Lucy Njeri
    Lucy Njeri
    08:58 08 Sep 20
    We needed out office carpet cleaned, they did a great job, the carpet dried the same day and the best part is that their staff wore masks the entire time. I would definitely recommend them.
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