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Best carpet cleaning services in Nairobi

Carpet Cleaning Services in Nairobi

The Arrow Facilities Management ltd provides professional carpet cleaning service, carried out by certified local cleaners with years of professional experience. Our reputation speaks for itself – just take a look at our reviews before you book! If you are looking for an affordable carpet cleaning service, call 0714 44 55 66 now for a free quote or to book a service.

*Same day cleaning slots are now available.

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Arrow FM offers state-of-the-art commercial and residential carpet cleaning services in Nairobi. Our carpet cleaning services in Nairobi are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and affordable.

Our cleaning system sets us apart. Our customers keep coming back to us, because we provide services that work and keep their homes and offices clean, right down to the little details. with our extensive carpet cleaning system has been proven to be effective with every carpet cleaning service offered!

Do you have soiled and discolored carpets or rugs at home or in the office that your vacuum can no longer clean? We offer excellent carpet cleaning services for all kinds of flooring at Arrow FM. We use the latest equipment to clean your carpets and avoid machine-related damage.

Our carpet cleaning services are designed to be completely hassle-free. Our staff will arrive on time and deliver according to your expectations. We guarantee top-notch carpet cleaning services that will make your carpets look and feel as good as new!

At Arrow facilities management ltd, we understand that an important part of having a clean and healthy life starts by maintaining your carpet and upholstery.

Dirty carpets are more than just unsightly. When dust and allergens get trapped in your carpet, it can negatively impact your health and that of those around you. Unfortunately, sometimes vacuuming and scrubbing with store-bought products isn’t enough to do the trick. What you often need is professional carpet cleaning, and Arrow FM ltd is the company to trust. We offer;

  • Competitive carpet cleaning rates
  • Meticulous, detailed service
  • Convenient appointments and scheduling
  • Friendly and reliable staff

Why Choose Us?

The Arrow FM Cleaning Services team works hard to ensure that you can enjoy clean carpets in your home or office. We are ready to take on any job you call us with – no task is too big or too small. Call us to organize a date and time that’s convenient for you. Our team delivers an affordable carpet cleaning service of the highest quality. Book our services to benefit from:

  • Certified and experienced technicians
  • Professional carpet cleaning machinery
  • Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions
  • Combine with Home cleaning, office cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning or upholstery cleaning and get a discount
  • Book a service at a time that’s convenient for you
  • No additional fees
  • Free quotes

Eradicate the Grime with a Deep Clean

To get the best results from a deep carpet clean, you’ll need to vacuum and shampoo your carpets. Cleaning occurs in several steps. First, carpets are vacuumed to remove any loose dirt or dust particles. Then, industrial carpet cleaning machines spray the shampoo solution.

The carpet cleaning machine then works its way into the carpet, agitating the fibers to loosen the dirt, before sucking up both the grime and liquid out from the carpets. After the initial carpet sweep, it’s a good idea to clean the carpets again; this time without using any shampoo. This third step acts as a rinsing stage, drawing the remaining dust and dirt from the carpet fibres whilst ensuring no carpet cleaning shampoo’s been left behind.

If you have hired a professional carpet cleaning company, they will do it all for you and ensure your carpets have been cleaned to the best standards possible.

Cleaning Delicate Carpets

Get your precious oriental carpet cleaned at a competitive price by Arrow FM The methods we apply are tried and tested over the years plus our team of dedicated professionals have extensive experience in dealing with even the most stubborn spots and dirt on your expensive carpets. We are equipped with all the necessary tools and advanced solutions, which help us deliver excellent cleaning results every time. We always treat stains and other blemishes before we proceed with the deep carpet cleaning to make sure we leave the delicate textile floorings sanitized and bright.

We provide our cleaning services for all types of carpets, so for other enquiries or detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Save Money by Hiring Cleaning Machines

Even though professional carpet cleaning isn’t very expensive, if you’re working with a small budget, it’s easy enough to carry out carpet cleaning yourself. The process doesn’t require any particular skill, nor is it difficult; it’s just time-consuming, especially if you’ve got a large home or office. But most important you may only hire commercial carpet cleaning machines or small machines – you are very unlikely to pay a heavy cost towards hiring a proper and professional industrial carpet cleaning machine. Those are heavy as well and need professional training and years of experience.

If you opt to do it yourself, just be prepared to put in the hours, the hassle to go and hire the machine and then return it, that is of course time, fuel, a contract in place, then you are not insured to do it and then you may easily damage a carpet without having proper skills!

Carpet cleaning prices in Kenya

It doesn’t cost much to have a carpet professionally cleaned, and though you might want to clean a couple of rooms, when it comes to the entire house, it’s a lot of work. In this instance, it’s worthwhile getting some carpet cleaning quotes to have the work done for you by a trained professional carpet cleaner. Certainly, by the time you’ve hired a machine, bought shampoo and spent a lot of your personal time cleaning, it almost makes sense to pay a little more to hire a local carpet cleaning company whilst you put your feet up.

Luckily, the price of carpet cleaning doesn’t vary much across regions, so you can expect to pay about the same in Nairobi as you would in other towns in Kenya. Typically, companies provide quotes based on room type and size, color, condition of your carpets and upholstery, time since last cleaned, stains, etc. For example, carpet cleaning contractors on carpet cleaning comparison websites might break down a quote into various areas such as a staircase, large bedroom, large front room, small bedroom etc. Average costs are as follows;

Small Carpet  Approx (4″ x6″) – 1,000
Medium Carpet Approx (7″x7″) – 1,500
Large carpet Approx (10″x10″) – 2,000

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We offer some of the best prices for cheap carpet cleaning in Nairobi, covering all areas within Nairobi and it’s outskirts such as; Westlands, Upper Hill, Thika, South C, South B, Runda, Riverside, Red Hills, Parklands, Pangani, Ngara, Nairobi West, Nairobi County, Muthaiga, Lower Kabete, Lavington, Langata, Kitisuru, Kitengela, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Kiambu Road, Kiambu, Karen, Hurlingham, Gigiri, Garden Estate, Embakasi, Donholm, Dennis Pritt, Fedha, Buruburu, Athi River

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