Bed bug eradication in Nairobi

What is a bed bug?

First, let us introduce some characteristics of bed bugs in this blog. These are parasitic organisms, very small, and live on human blood. They are large enough to barely see the human eye and can grow up to 5 mm. Where do they live? As the name suggests, bed bugs usually hide in your bedroom or anywhere else where humans live.

Adult bed bugs are brown to reddish-brown. They are oval in shape and have a flat body. Due to their flat body shape, they can easily hide in tiny cracks and crevices. They like to hide in dark and isolated places. You will find them in the crevices of skirting boards, wardrobes and bedside tables, carpets, bed frames, and headboards. Don’t miss the hotel! You will find bed bugs in high-end hotels.

If you think that bed bugs are for the poor, you are wrong! They can be found in any house. Bed bugs are annoying. They were really embarrassed during the day. They are easy to spread but difficult to control. They hid during the day then they came out at night to feed on the host’s blood.

How do you know you have bed bugs?

Due to the small size of these parasites, usually, you never know that you have bed bugs. You usually don’t know until you are bitten. Bed bug bites are usually characterized by small, red, and itchy rashes on your body, which are usually found while you sleep.

Other Signs of Bed bugs

  • Bloodstains on the bed sheet or pillowcase.
  • Dark or rusty spots of bed bug excrement on bed linen and mattresses, bedding, and walls.
  • In the area where the bed bug hides, the bed bug’s fecal spots, egg shells or skin fall off.
  • The unpleasant musty smell from the odor glands of bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs in Nairobi

Now, if you may not know it yet, bed bugs are common in hotel rooms, but they can pass through new or used furniture, beds, mattresses, suitcases, travel by air, take a taxi, or even go to a hospital or clinic Wait to enter your home. You won’t know right away because bed bugs can dormant for up to 12 months. When you fall asleep, they will attack, then hide in the gaps and niches in the bed, or be hiding in your furniture.

Now, the problem of getting rid of these parasites must be solved immediately. Arrow Facilities Management is at the top of the list for providing the best pest control services for bed bugs in Nairobi. This is Nairobi’s top household hygiene company, specializing in bed bug control. Inspection + service + follow-up action = Allow us to get rid of these dangerous creatures forever.

Our bed bug eradication services are effective and vetted and licensed experts know this method. They will conduct an inspection in your home to provide more information about the degree of infestation and the main areas suspected to be breeding areas. After the inspection is completed, the technicians will continue processing, and then carefully implement appropriate action plans according to the selected plan. We provide advanced services that require proper reporting and follow-up, making it an ideal choice for you to kill bugs.

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