15 Factors to consider when looking for an Office Cleaning company

Characteristics of a good commercial office cleaning service

Hiring professional office cleaning services in Nairobi for your business can keep your space clean and tidy, while also improving the health of the office employees and visitors at the same time increasing the efficiency of employees. However, not all office cleaning services will have the same impact. Here are 15 Factors to consider when looking for an Office Cleaning company.

If you want to invest in office cleaning services to realize all these benefits, you need to choose the right provider. Here are some important things to look for in any office cleaning services company you outsource from.

Characteristics of a good commercial office cleaning service

Customers experience

In your business, there are not only any office cleaning services available. The crew may be very qualified to handle residential properties. But this does not mean that they have the skills, training, and supplies to work with commercial spaces. Before proceeding, please make sure that the company you are working with has experience in dealing with the actual business.

Schedule flexibility

You need office cleaning services to work according to the team’s schedule. You can’t let them disrupt your operations or hinder customer’s activities. Therefore, you need a team that will show up at the time you specify, not the other way around.


Consistency is of utmost importance. You will most likely need the cleaning team to come at least once a week (perhaps at the same time). You also need them to provide a consistent and stable service every time.


When hiring any type of service for your business, budget considerations are always important. You want to choose a company that fits your budget. But you don’t necessarily have to choose the Cheapest Office Cleaning Companies in Nairobi. Make sure the services you receive are worth the money.

A wide range of services

Your facility may require more than just a quick cleaning every few weeks. You may need to wash windows, wipe the floor, or even disinfect thoroughly. Before hiring a company, make a list of the services you need, even if only occasionally. Then make sure that the company you choose provides all these services.

Customizable plans

You should also be able to customize the plan to maximize your budget and get the greatest possible value. For example, you may only need to choose a few services for weekly cleaning, but clean the windows of the building several times a year.

Experience in your industry

In some industries, more professional cleaning types are required. For example, if you work in the food processing industry or the medical sector, you may need to hire a company with professional tools and experience in cleaning the equipment used every day.

Set up communication procedures

How will you communicate with the office cleaning service to ask questions or share feedback? If you want to maintain good continuous contact with cleaning services, you need to choose a company that simplifies communication.

Safety training

Safety is very important in every industry-even cleanliness. Before hiring services, make sure that the team has received workplace safety training and can maintain these standards in your factory.

High staff standards

You should also ask about the company’s recruitment practices. Do they hire their own team or outsource? Will they conduct extensive background checks? Their cleaning staff will visit your building regularly. Therefore, they need to be trustworthy and reliable in terms of your property and proprietary data.

Low staff turnover rate

It is also beneficial to have a cleaning staff who understands your specific business and works freely in your factory. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a company with a low employee turnover rate. This means you will have a stable team working for you time and time again.

License and insurance

Any company you choose will need a license to operate in your county or community. They should also purchase liability insurance to cover any potential problems they may have while in your facility.

Get quality supplies

The consumables and equipment used by the cleaning company can have a significant impact on the work done. Ask about the tools they use and how often they are replaced so that you know you can use the latest and highest quality products.

Green cleaning options

Companies that choose to use environmentally friendly cleaning products may also be helpful. This can reduce the amount of potentially harmful chemicals in the building, help reduce allergy symptoms in the team, and reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.

Positive customer reviews

All these qualities have an impact on the overall customer experience. To understand how other customers feel about their experience, read reviews online, or ask for company recommendations. If there are customers who are willing to share their positive experience, then this is also a good sign for you to experience with them.