With our special equipment we can clean every home. Our after-party cleaners are fully qualified to provide top-notch cleaning every time. After a night of bingeing and you don't want to do any cleaning the next morning, we can help. Our pre- or post-party cleaning is fantastic - tailored to your needs and hopefully eliminating at least one of your headaches! We offer you quality and reliable cleaning services at the best prices in Nairobi and its environs. Most people only have time to clean on the weekends, but what happens if you throw a party on a weekday? Using our home and commercial cleaning business allows you to have fun on weekends instead of chores. FLEXIBILITY Thanks to the flexibility of our house cleaning company services, you are in control of your house and apartment cleaning. We'll work with you to make sure you get your preferred cleaning schedule before or after the party. When you hire our cleaning services, you'll get a custom home cleaning checklist that our managers and house cleaners will pay close attention to to ensure your home cleaning expectations are met every time. SPECIAL EVENT Hosting a big party? You want your space to be ready for your company and beyond. You've learned more about what to look out for, so let's get this done. We prepare your family gathering from the front door to the right back door. Your kitchen will glow inside and out, and your bathroom will be spotless. We also offer a wide range of deep cleaning services for other special occasions. When you move out of a rental property, you want to make sure it is immaculate. You don't want to work on your first day when you need the time and energy of moving to a new place. That's why you can call us for relocation assistance. Even after a major remodelling project, we'll help you tidy up and bring order. You don't even have to be a regular customer to hire us for your special occasion. We are pleased to provide temporary services for these special times you are going through. SAVE YOUR TIME AND RELAX It's great to have a party and be able to enjoy it to the fullest, and the best way to do it is to avoid cleaning afterward. So here we are, ready to help you get rid of all those boring cleaning jobs. Stop worrying about the chaos of parties. Let us do it, just contact us and we'll send a professional cleaner to clean all your house, toilets, bathrooms, entire kitchen, vacuums and mopping, re-pick up the set up and dispose of all the rubbish.


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