Hiring a cleaning company in Nairobi to clean your house or office is a big decision. After all, you want to hire the services of the best cleaning services company near you. We have collected some detailed information about our locally owned professional cleaning companies to help you understand what makes us the best cleaning service.

Our Customers say we are the best cleaning company,

Of course, we can sound our own horn, but we also know that the assurance of our customers will mean more to you. They want to say why we offer the best cleaning service that money can buy.

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We have insurance!

Choosing a well-known cleaning company can ensure that you receive reliable service. Each of our cleaning staff is fully insured, just in case something goes wrong when we are in your home or office, we are covered. This means you can relax with Arrow FM Cleaners at your home or office

What else makes us the best cleaning service company in Nairobi?

We come with years of cleaning experience and have spent a lot of time learning the best ways to make your space sparkle. We know that we can provide unparalleled results, which is why every cleaning service we complete is backed by our 24-hour warranty. If you are not satisfied with the room we cleaned, please notify us within 24 hours and we will return to your home to fix it.

This is another way we can help you rest assured that Arrow Facilities Management can handle all of your cleaning needs.

Are you ready to use the best office or home cleaning service?

Hiring our cleaning service can save you time and leave the cleaning to us. Hiring the best cleaning service means you can work with confidence. Start now, you can request a free estimate online for free, or call (0714 445566) to contact us.