Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services

Our house cleaning service is not limited to houses! Every living space should be thoroughly cleaned, you can see and feel. Arrow Cleaning Services proudly provides a program designed to serve residents of apartments, condominiums and other small spaces. Our Residential cleaning service provides customized prices for residents of the same building complex who register once a week or every two weeks. In addition, customers who start service through this program will receive a discount on the “first use” service fee.

Arrow Cleaning services is happy to clean your house or apartment to ensure you return to a comfortable haven after a day’s work – we inspire happiness. This also applies when you are moving into a new house-in Nairobi, Kenya, let the staff of Arrow Cleaning services clean your new house before or after moving without stress. We use carefully selected cleaning solutions, technologies and equipment to professionally clean your house or apartment

In order to ensure that every cleaning job meets the highest standards, Arrow Cleaning services has adopted the Full Cycle Quality Assurance and Improvement System established and perfected in Nairobi, Kenya since 2019. This enables home cleaning companies to manage quality at all stages of cleaning services. Specifically, we track and manage the quality when the order is received, the cleaning process and the order is closed. The director of Arrow Cleaning services relies on

Our processes ensures that every cleaning service provided to customers meets the set standards. Our team of detail-oriented technicians will analyze the floor type of your house and use the safest and most effective cleaning method. This is important because all types of floors require different treatments, namely wood, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, marble, laminate, vinyl, etc.-each requires special care and proper cleaning techniques. I believe we will provide you with the freshness you deserve in your home or apartment in Nairobi, Kenya in just a few hours.

You can call Arrow Cleaning services for a one-time cleaning service, or you can sign a regular cleaning service contract with us, such as once a week or once a month-whichever time suits you. Our apartment and home cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya cover the following elements of all rooms and spaces in your house:

Wall and floor cleaning: Clean the floor and walls, and polish them with a machine if necessary, to ensure that they have a uniform glossy appearance and are free of dirt, grit, debris, dust, scratches, other stains, removable discoloration and foreign objects . Move furniture and other movable objects to maintain the floor below them, and then return to their original position.

Kitchen cleaning: We ensure that household appliances such as cookware, refrigerators, freezers and microwave ovens are cleaned and disinfected. We will clean and disinfect kitchen countertops, shelves, cabinets and sinks. Then, we clean the entire kitchen floor surface and walls to ensure that your kitchen is free of dirt, dust, debris, scum, mold and other residues.

Cleaning of toilets and bathrooms: sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, sanitary equipment, doors, walls, mirrors and other surfaces should be cleaned with antiseptic detergents. We will clean the floor and wall surfaces of the bathroom to ensure that there is no dust, dust, debris, scum, mold and residue. The tile floor will be mechanically polished. After cleaning, the bathroom will be free of any deposits, dirt, streaks and odors.

Mirror and glass cleaning: We clean all indoor glass, including glass in doors, walls, display cabinets, bathrooms and furniture. After the glass is cleaned, there must be no fingerprints, films, dirt, smudges, water or other foreign objects. Furniture cleaning: Clean furniture (tables, seats, cabinets, etc.), lamps and ceiling fans to make them free of dust, dirt and debris.

Stair cleaning: The floor surface of the stairs should be cleaned according to the floor type. The grease and dirt on the stair guardrails, handrails and skirting boards have been removed. We will remove all dirt, stains and scratches from the stairs. Vacuum carpet cleaning: Deep vacuum the carpet area to remove all visible dirt, debris, trash, allergens and removable stains. If the carpet is very dirty, then we will use our super soft care technology to clean, shampoo and dry the carpet.

Window cleaning: Clean all dirt, stains, water, cobwebs and other foreign objects on the surface of the window glass and the curtain box. If necessary, remove, clean and replace the window glass. Shop cleaning: Our family storage room is a common place for pests to breed; therefore, it is important to keep the storage room clean; clean the walls and dust the ceiling to remove any cobwebs; scrub the floor of the room and properly arrange the storage items to Ensure that the air flows freely. Proper storage can eliminate moisture and keep the room well-lit to keep pests away.

Outdoor cleaning: The staff at Arrow Cleaning services will ensure that your compound is cleaned. We will scrub balconies and other outdoor areas according to the floor/ground type to clean, properly discard garbage, and ensure that all drainage systems are unobstructed. Garbage removal: All garbage generated during the cleaning process should be removed from your house and properly disposed of in accordance with Nairobi County’s garbage disposal regulations. Other parts/spaces: Each house is unique-our staff will clean all items and areas not listed above according to your requirements.

If you are a property manager or owner, and the public areas that need to be managed are kept clean, please contact Arrow Cleaning services – we are happy to work with you to ensure that the public areas remain spotless and maintain a good sense of comfort and residents’ safety, thereby increasing you The value of the property. This can indeed give you a business advantage in the increasingly competitive real estate market in Nairobi, Kenya. We also provide services for party cleaning, spring cleaning/one-time deep cleaning and cleaning after the lease. For example, do you plan to attend a party, such as going home, birthday, graduation, baby shower or wedding?

Are you worried about the chaos the party may leave? Arrow Cleaning services will be happy to take care of your worries after the party and make your house clean and tidy again-thus turning the depression that was originally Monday morning into a bright and happy day of the week-who wants depression on Monday morning, It’s as if the jam in Nairobi, Kenya, is not enough headache because of heavy traffic? Don’t Hassle You will love our home and apartment cleaning services-I believe we can provide your home with the freshness you deserve in just a few hours and start spending a good time in Nairobi, Kenya