If you are looking for an apartment cleaning service in your area, you have found the best apartment cleaning company in Nairobi to provide the cleaning service you need. At Arrow Cleaning Services, we understand the challenges of keeping an apartment clean especially if You lead a busy life, and cleaning is usually the last task on your mind. If you work full time and maintain a good social life. Cleaning the apartment should not hinder your work, and certainly not your social life!

However, if you skip cleaning your apartment, cleaning needs tend to pile up, so you need a cleaner to help you. At Arrow FM, we provide the best apartment cleaning services in Nairobi. It is not because our cleaning team is fully trained even in all aspects of residential cleaning. nor is it because our cleaners have been fully vetted, even if they are vetted again. However, because our apartment cleaning service is completely tailored for each cleaning customer.

When you choose Arrow Cleaning Services to enter your apartment and clean it, you will get all the cleaning services you need without any unnecessary Hustle

Therefore, do you need our cleaning team to enter your apartment and provide deep cleaning once a year? Cleaning service once a week, or cleaning the carpet after the party, Arrow FM can serve you. Whenever you need it, we will provide all the cleaning services you need. Our apartment cleaning service is very affordable and easy to set up. Call the lovely people of Arrow FM now on 0714 445566. No matter what cleaning task you need, we will do it for you.

You can specify your pain points on each appointment, but in general, regular apartment cleaners can perform any task you need them to perform. In the bathroom, we clean the mirror, wash the shower room, polish metal fixtures, descale tiles, mop and dry the floor, wipe the door and wall switches. You can expect the same in the details in the kitchen. In addition to cleaning the cabinets, sinks and equipment including toasters and kettles, we also discarded your trash, ran the dishwasher and cleaned out the trash can, and then put in a new trash bag.

Arrow Cleaning Services know that small things will make you feel at home and at ease, and this is what our apartment cleaners do. If fallen leaves accumulate on your front door, we will wipe them off. We dust the skirting board and clean the refrigerator inside and outside.

Our services are outstanding and we clean according to your requirements, but typically we include the following as part of our Apartment cleaning services:

  • Dusting
  • Hoovering
  • Floor cleaning
  • Light fittings
  • Mopping floors
  • Toilet cleaning
  • Shower cubicles
  • Mirrors
  • Emptying bins
  • Woodwork and radiators
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning
  • Sinks and taps
  • Oven cleans can also be accommodated