Affordable Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi


A top-quality clean at a low price

Hiring professional office cleaning services from Arrow Facilities Management is an economical way of keeping your office clean and spending your time the way you want. Because we take the time to give all the offices we clean the individualized attention they deserve, Arrow Facilities Management ltd cannot provide a flat rate for our services. This helps us ensure that you receive the most affordable cleaning services in Nairobi. The cost depends on the service level you choose, as well as the size of your office.


What makes us the most economical office cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya


  1. We avoid “on the fly” purchasing. What is often termed “on the spot” or “on the fly” purchasing refers to purchasing a product, often just to test it out? This sometimes may lead to damaged surfaces which in turn cost you a lot in terms of repair/ replacement.
  2. Look for multi-surface cleaning tools. This can apply both to cleaning chemicals as well as equipment.  One cleaning solution or one machine that can clean multiple surfaces (i.e., hard surface floors and carpet) is one of the best ways to reduce supply costs.
  3. We buy quality. Purchasing higher-quality products invariably pay dividends, which reduces the cost of cleaning. They may be easier to use, perform more effectively, be more durable, last longer, etc
  4. We buy concentrated. The more concentrated the cleaning solution, the longer it will last, helping to reduce costs significantly.
  5. We focus on performance. we only select products that are more effective and/or help improve worker productivity.  Even if they cost more than comparable products, the labor-related savings will likely more than pay for the investment.
  6. We train all our office cleaning staff:  Train staff on the proper, safe, and most efficient ways to use and care for cleaning equipment. Unfortunately, one of the reasons cleaning tools and equipment must be replaced before the end of their expected lifespan is due to abuse.
  7. We buy our cleaning supplies in bulk. Savings are possible when larger amounts of a product can be purchased at the same time. We buy our supplies at a cheaper price ensuring that we pass down these discounted prices to our customers.


Our office cleaning frequency includes


  • One-time cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Bi-weekly cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning

Scheduling professional cleaning services with Arrow Facilities Management is the cheapest way of ensuring the cleanliness and comfort of your office while giving you the additional time you need to focus on what matters to you the most as a business.

Arrow Facilities Management’s office cleaning services costs
We offer a free consultation to make your life easier and ensure the most reasonable prices for everyone. We’re happy to come to your office to provide a full inspection and an estimate at no cost to you. This process typically takes about 15-20 minutes and there are no charges at all.

During your complimentary consultation, you can expect us to:

Inspect your office – We’ll tour your office with you and discuss the most effective ways to clean each room.
Provide a free estimate – At the end of your office tour, we’ll provide you with a free quote that outlines the costs of our services.
We’ll go over the costs of both your initial cleaning and routine cleaning during your free consultation. Your initial office service functions much like a deep clean. This typically takes longer than regular services going forward, as we need time to bring your office up to Arrow FM’s standards. The ongoing services will be even more affordable and efficient. And not to worry: We’ll take your preferences into account from the first clean to the last.

Ready to make your home a cleaner, happier place? Contact us at 0714 44 55 66 to schedule your free in-home consultation today.