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Arrow FM Provides Professional office cleaning services in Nairobi, Kenya with our tailor-made package that offers convenience quality, and consistency. Recognized as one of the best office cleaning companies in Nairobi Kenya, Arrow Facilities Management ltd offers options for all of your commercial cleaning needs. Outsourcing Office cleaning services in Nairobi tends to be much overlooked by firms as they strive to keep profits rolling in and the industry ticking over, so what better to leave your office cleaning services to the best office cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya?

Many companies today are outsourcing their non-core operations. This has the double benefit of releasing existing staff to carry out other duties within their core environment and reducing the overall expenditure of a company by benefiting from the savings that can be achieved using the buying power of a Facilities Management company that specializes in these services.

The cleanliness of an office is important to morale and productivity. When people work in an office that is clean, with a great work environment, more work gets done. When morale is high, so is productivity! It is not only about morale, but the employees’ health. Desks, telephones, and other office equipment are often found to be some of the dirtiest surfaces in an office. Proper cleaning removes the germs that can cause your employees to fall ill, leading to sick days and lower productivity. Keep your office clean and keep your employees healthy!

We offer a full complement of Professional office cleaning services in Nairobi, from large corporations to small companies that have all come to use and love our cleaning services, with low monthly rates, excellent customer service, and a wide range of office cleaning tasks.

At Arrow Facilities management limited, Our core business which we excel is supporting our clients, and we understand that the first impression of a business is always important, therefore, we want to make sure a positive, lasting impression is made by our clients, we know there is little time for office-cleaning while you’re trying to run the company itself. Here at Arrow FM, we stand above other office cleaning companies in Nairobi because we simply offer the best in professional cleaning services and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us:

  • We are one of the most reputable office cleaning companies in Westlands, Nairobi, providing the most affordable office cleaning services in Kenya.
  • Are you looking for a well-trained and disciplined cleaner? All our staff is well-vetted, trained, and experienced.
  • Our office cleaning scope of work is broad enabling our clients to have one point of contact with our clients.
  • Our general office cleaning services are thorough leaving your office looking clean and tidy
    We deliver what we promised. Our office cleaning checklist is always in line with our office cleaning scope as promised at the point of sale.
  • We offer standardized office cleaning cost per square meter, no hidden costs are involved
    Our office cleaning contracts are straightforward with no hidden charges or clauses.


Our typical office cleaning scope of work - Contractual Cleaning.

Our typical office cleaning scope of work – Is contractual Cleaning.

Our scope of cleaning will vary depending on your specific need, below is a general guideline of what to expect when you hire our cleaners on a contractual basis

Daily Office cleaning and Maintenance services

  • Clean all offices and meeting rooms: floors, desks, shelves, glass doors, windows (from inside), and the surfaces of office equipment.
  • The dusting of desks, chairs, telephones, shelves, photocopiers, etc in offices and meeting rooms
  • Ensure that furniture in offices, meeting rooms, and reception area are arranged in the required manner at all times
  • Empty all waste paper bins and shredder trays to the designated places.
  • Preparing tea and coffee and serving those as required, clearing and collecting used cups and washing those, keeping kitchens clean and in order, and other related duties.
  • Assist in setting up meeting rooms, preparing cups, glasses, and plates, water, tea, and coffee
  • Spot cleaning of Spills, finger marks, and stains on floors, walls, light switches, furniture, and fixtures.
  • Washing and disinfecting the Toilet and keeping it clean throughout the day.
  • Replenishing toiletries and washroom supplies
  • The dusting of fixtures and fittings eg workstation, Curtain boxes, Window Sills Kitchen Shelves
  • The dusting of wooden floors using a dust control sweeper

Weekly General Office cleaning and Maintenance services

  • Cleaning and polishing of interior windows and glass surfaces
  • Damp mopping and buffing of laminated wooden floors
  • Scrubbing of ceramic floors
  • Removal of cobwebs and high dusting
  • Descaling of the washroom, hand wash basin, Mirror, and washroom tiles
  • Scrubbing and wiping the litter bins

Monthly Deep Office cleaning and Maintenance services

Machine scrubbing/ polishing of all floor types ie, wooden, ceramic tiles, and slabs

  • Dust and wipe clean tops of high furniture, filing cabinets, and glass louvers above the door
  • Stripping and polishing of Wooden floor
  • Dusting and wiping of walls, partitions, and fittings
  • Cleaning and vacuuming office furniture and upholstery
  • Cleaning of vertical and horizontal blinds

Office Chair cleaning services

• Deep-wet shampooing of upholstered chairs once a year and if needed,

Factors to consider when selecting an office cleaning company in Nairobi

Factors to consider when selecting an office cleaning company in Nairobi


Hiring an office cleaning service for your business allows you to improve the productivity of your Employees without having to compromise on your company image, sanitation, and health condition of your employees. However, not all office cleaning companies in Nairobi are going to earn you these benefits. If you want your investment in an office cleaning service to yield optimal results, you need to hire the right office cleaning company. Below I have outlined some attributes to look out for while hiring the best among all available Office cleaning companies in Kenya.

Cleaning Staff Reporting and leaving time

Before your customers and employees start trickling into the office, it is imperative that they should find the office clean and tidy. This way there won’t be any time wastage. To achieve this, the office cleaning staff need to have arrived ahead of time in order to have ample time to clean without any interference.
Find out from your prospective office cleaning service provider what time their staff is supposed to report to work and determine whether their schedule aligns with yours. If not, find out whether there’s room for change to accommodate your specific need.

Office cleaning staff recruitment, training, and supervision.

The expectation of most organizations while hiring office cleaning companies is that a fully trained staff will report to their office without having to run background checks, train then supervise. In an ideal, situation, this should be the case. Let me take you through how we at Arrow FM recruit, train, and deploy our cleaners.

The minimum requirement for all our cleaners is a KCSE certificate and a certificate of good conduct. Having worked for a cleaning company is an added advantage as we will be able to get references from previous employers.

Training is done in-house by our experienced operations staff, thereafter we conduct an assessment test and a certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.

After formal training, we take them through practical training. This is made possible during one-off cleaning whereby the new recruits will clean under close supervision to ascertain attention to detail, speed, and etiquette. Once we get positive feedback from the supervisors that is when we provide permanent placement whenever there is an opening.

Even after deployment, we still monitor their performance and do a refresher training once every year to ensure that they are updated on the latest cleaning technologies available in the market.

Cleaning Staff Turn Over Rate

All businesses strive to only hire the best people to support their objective and they will do everything in their power to retain such employees. The same applies to the office cleaning staff. We are all wired to resist change especially if it’s not in our best interest. That’s why it is irritable seeing new cleaning staff every so often especially if the previous staff was a performer.

A high staff turnover rate is an indicator of poor staff management in a cleaning company. Before engaging a cleaning company in Nairobi, find out what measures they have put in place to ensure that they retain their staff. Ask probing questions like; their remuneration package, punctuality to pay their employees, staff conflict resolution channels, staff benefits, etc this will provide valuable insisted in determining whether their staff are motivated enough to stay.

Office Cleaning Company’s Service scope

Having one vendor taking care of multiple tasks saves you a lot of administrative time wasted on vendor sourcing and prequalification. To have a clean and organized office you not only require office cleaning staff to do the routine cleaning. you need extra services such as pest control, upholstery, and carpet cleaning, window cleaning, sanitary bin management services, after-tenancy cleaning services, Plumbing works, general building maintenance, garbage collection, etc.

Find out from your prospective cleaning company what other services they offer other than office cleaning services. Most companies may not offer the required services in-house, however, given that they have exposure to the cleaning and hygiene industries they will provide you with very good recommendations and may be willing to outsource such services on your behalf.

Our typical service scope is:

Floor Scrubbing Services – With the right cleaning products, Machinery, and accessories. We will ensure that your floor looks clean fresh and as good as new. For all your floor types be it ceramic, wooden, carpeted, or terrazzo floors. leave the cleaning to the experts.

Pest control Services – Being high-traffic areas, most offices will be home to so many uninvited guests (Pests). Let us spare you the embarrassment of dealing with pest issues. We will end the menses once and for all.

Gardening and Landscaping services – We design, deliver, install, and maintain gardens throughout Nairobi and the surrounding.  Offices with outdoor living spaces are thrilled with our gardening and landscape design and installation services. Let our talented designers, experienced salespeople, and highly skilled gardeners help you create your own green paradise, indoors or out.

Waste Management Services – Waste management solutions are a must-have especially if this is not taken care of by your building/ property management. From Common hazardous waste, paper waste, sanitary bin waste, etc let us manage your waste management needs.

Washroom Management Services – From Basic washroom facilities such as sanitary bins, Hand wash soaps, and toilet paper. to luxuries such as hand lotion, and toilet seat sanitization. We take pride in assuring you that we will ensure that your toilet is the cleanest in the block.

Carpet / Upholstery cleaning services – We leave nothing in your carpet and upholstery that doesn’t belong there. We get rid of stains, smells, and germs that you can’t help but notice. Unlike many carpet cleaners, we make sure no soapy residues, harsh chemicals, or extra water is left behind as these substances can actually make things worse.

Availability of cleaning Machinery, PPE, Tools, and supplies

Professional office cleaning isn’t just using a mop and bucket to clean. There are many more facets that need consideration. Such as protection of surfaces being cleaned, de-staining, disinfection, order elimination and so much more. This however will be a daunting task if the cleaning company does not provide proper Machinery, PPE, tools, and supplies to enable their cleaners to safely and effectively carry out their duties.

At Arrow FM we not only provide you with a well-trained cleaner we also support them by ensuring that we conduct deep cleaning at least once every quarter (3 months) and more frequently depending on the customer’s preference and requirement. This way, it becomes easier for our staff to carry out daily cleaning and maintenance.

The following areas are covered in our thorough cleaning program.

  • De-staining of the toilet bowl, hand washbasins, and washroom tiles to remove hard water stains, dirt, and grime buildup.
  • Spot cleaning of Spills, finger marks, and stains on walls, light switches, furniture, and fixtures.
  • Machine scrubbing and buffing of all floor types to remove grime, dust, and stains.
  • Wiping and shinning of all Windows (from the inside), mirrors, and glass partitions to remove finger marks, strikes, and dust.
  • Hand scrubbing, shinning, and de-staining where necessary.
  • Shampooing of wall-to-wall carpets, office mats, and rags.
  • Vacuuming office furniture and upholstery to remove fine dust.
  • Removal of cobwebs and high dusting.
  • Dusting and wiping office desks, walls, partitions, and fittings.

Office Cleaning Cost

It all boils down to the bottom line. I can not overemphasize the importance of minimizing administrative costs without compromising on quality. There are numerous office cleaning companies in Nairobi offering great office cleaning services. It might be tedious running through several companies to determine which one offers the most affordable and comprehensive office cleaning services. but in the long run, it will save you a lot of money.

To eliminate ambiguities in your cleaning contract. Request the office cleaning companies in consideration to provide you with a clear breakdown of all the cleaning supplies, accessories, and equipment to be used to clean your office. Ask for their proposed work plan, find out what their service scope is, etc. This way you will be able to know exactly what you are getting yourself into and you will be able to hold them accountable for any underperformance.

Most of the cleaning contracts are for a period of 1 year sometimes longer with recurring monthly invoices. That is why getting the best deal out of all office cleaning companies is important. It won’t hurt trying to negotiate as not all Cleaning prices are cast in stone.

Cleaning staff absenteeism and replacement plan

Emergencies are inevitable, What happens in the event that your office cleaning staff does not show up to work due to an emergency such as sick leave or any unforeseen event? Does your office cleaning company offer immediate placement? Will they charge you extra for this? Do they have a policy addressing employee absenteeism?

In the event of annual leave does the cleaning company have a mechanism to ensure a smooth transition between the leave reliever and your regular office cleaning staff? These are some of the questions that need to be addressed before entering into an office cleaning contract.

At Arrow FM, we will have a standby force to cater for any eventualities such as sick off, annual leave, compassionate leave, etc

What makes Arrow FM the best office cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya?

Our commitment to our customers and the ability to follow through is what makes us stand out as the best office cleaning company in Nairobi. Below is what we commit to;

  • We shall provide adequate personnel to cover all areas as per the scope of work. They will be well-groomed with clean and smart working uniforms plus identification badges to ensure safety and security.
  • The Office cleaning assignment will be managed by a supervisor. He/ She will be responsible for quality control.
  • We shall provide insurance to our staff members against work-related accidents (WIBA)
  • We will have a standby force to cater for any eventualities such as sick off, annual leave, compassionate leave, etc
  • We will endeavor to continuously train our staff on new cleaning products and equipment available in the market to ensure that the highest cleaning standards are maintained.
  • We shall ensure that our staff assigned to your office have the experience required for the service execution of the tasks assigned to him/her. In the event the experience of our staff fails to correspond to the profile required by the contract, we shall replace him/her without delay.


We offer the best cleaning services in the following areas

Westlands, Upper Hill, Thika, South C, South B, Runda, Riverside, Red Hills, Parklands, Pangani, Ngara, Nairobi West, Nairobi County, Muthaiga, Lower Kabete, Lavington, Langata, Kitisuru, Kitengela, Kilimani, Kileleshwa, Kiambu Road, Kiambu, Karen, Hurlingham, Gigiri, Garden Estate, Embakasi, Donholm, Dennis Pritt, Fedha, Buruburu, Athi River.